Sustainable Procurement

Sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests helps encourage biodiversity. It increases forestation and maximises CO2 absorption.

Resource Efficiency

Efficiency is a prerogative. Create spectacular buildings that save energy, time and material, and deliver on low carbon targets.

Employment Opportunities

Support the local economy. The UK timber industry provides employment for almost 150,000 people, mostly in rural locations.

Fast Build

Time is money. Create environmentally sound buildings and speed up construction times by up to a third.

Carbon Storage

Trees absorb carbon. Building with timber means taking CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in the built environment.

Innovative Design

Design is key. Create exciting and successful buildings by using a range of onsite and offsite construction methods.

Versatile Application

Vertical structures are on the rise. Create 14+ storey-buildings using engineered and hybrid timber products.

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