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Training is everything. Find online courses that suit your needs and experience. 

Our first point of call for any training is Wood Campus. Wood Campus have a selection of free RIBA-accredited CPD courses on a range of topics related to timber products. 

You can find a selection of other online events, training and CPD using the filter below. On the right hand side you can find links to resources, or can add your own event to our calendar! 

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100 Projects UK CLT

A book showcasing the enormous range and quality of CLT buildings in the UK.

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The Carbon Footprint of Construction

ACAN argues the case for regulating embodied carbon in construction to significantly address the impact of the industry on the climate

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Building A Future in Timber

A white paper depicting scenarios for building with biobased materials in the Netherlands

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FCB Studio's Carbon Counts Virtual Exhibition

Carbon Counts draws together key metrics for some of the most common materials used in architecture today.

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Tomorow's Timber

In Tomorrow’s Timber, new timber innovations are explored, including the materials, products, elements and complete building systems, providing context for this emerging shift in design and construction.

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Timber Trade Topics

A brief run down on all the need to know information about timber

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