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  • Bringing Wood to the Global Stage

Bringing Wood to the Global Stage

Commissioned by CEI-Bois, architects dRMM have designed a reusable timber pavilion for COP26 for the UN climate change talks to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, UK in November 2021.

'Timber Beacon' is dRMM’s response to the collective brief of a unique global timber industry collaboration. The 25+ strong alliance of innovators in engineered mass timber and wood-based products, global forest growth and development, are led CEI-Bois, the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries and the UK Timber Trade Federation. Wood for Good is delighted to be part of this group of organisations behind the project that aims to put timber and forestry centre-stage at COP26 in Glasgow later this year.

See the animation below for further details of the structure:


“As world leaders discuss our global responsibilities and collective response to climate change during COP26, our message for the future will be powerfully three dimensional: in wood there is hope,” said dRMM founding director, Prof Alex de Rijke.

The structure is one part of a global presence being planned which includes a 6-week long festival called 'World of Wood' in London, a virtual presence and other activities that will call on global leaders to recognise the value of forestry and timber in helping fight climate change.


Sponsorship is now being sought to realise the full potential of this project. To find out more please contact Paul Brannen, Director of Public Affairs at CEI-Bois.


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