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  • Wood News Stories During COVID-19

Wood News Stories During COVID-19

The current coronavirus pandemic sweeping the UK and globe will cause unprecedented disruption to businesses and individuals everywhere. Both smaller and larger employers will find the uncertainity facing us worrying and businesses will need to continue making changes to how their staff work and businesses operate to keep up with changing advice issued from the Government. 

Amidst all the - often negative and worrying - information and news being churned out, we wanted to provide a space to celebrate the good stories from the timber industry. We have started a twitter thread here that links together different blogs, news stories, publications, videos and online learning resources all focused on the timber industry, the positive work we are doing, the positive benefits of using more wood and how increased use of wood can help create a healthier more sustainable world. 

A list of all resources we have pointed to on the twitter thread can be found below categorised by length:

<5mins ~  read or watch in a rush:

The Economy of the Future will Grow on Trees - New Generation Plantations 

The Need for a Circular Economy-Based Global Construction Industry - Crowdsourcing Week

The importance of green building to promote wellbeing and sustainability - PBC Today

Bates Smart's 25 King becomes Queensland's first WELL Platinum building - Architecture and Design Australia

BSW apprentices renovate gardens for the elderly - BSW

Elite Systems manufacting a 20-bed isolation ward for Royal Surrey County Hospital

Agile Strength & Protection - Straw Boards - Further info on this here.

>5mins ~ good with a cuppa:

In-depth Q&A: How will tree planting help the UK meet its climate goals - Josh Gabbatiss for Carbon Brief

IOM3's Timber & Technology Crossword

Offsite Magazine - Time to Build & Think Differently

>10mins ~ good for a longer break:

Research paper - The economic and emissions benefits of engineered wood products in a low-carbon future

How the timber industries can help solve the housing crisis - TTF APPG

The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining Videos and Resources on Wood Technology and training

Vastern Timber's video series 'Wood for Trees: The Future of Britain's Forests'

This FREE Webinar on Wellbeing, with a focus on meditation from UK Construction Week (perfect for taking a break)

Vastern Timber's #WoodfortheTrees video series

Passivhaus House Pus Magazine (FREE during Coronavirus) - Altered Carbon

Official Advice regarding Coronavrius:

All current advice from the UK Government can be found on their dedicated coronavirus page here. 

Some of our supporters have created useful pages to help the timber industry during the pandemic, we have listed a few of these below:

Confor - Covid19 hub

TTF - Covid19 hub

Construction News - latest Covid19 briefing

If you have any other resources you think may be useful, please do get in touch with us to let us know. 

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