Wood CO2ts less

Using more wood can help us reduce CO2 and fight climate change.
Let us show you how: 

Using more wood can help us reduce CO2 and fight climate change.
Let us show you how: 

Low-Carbon Case studies

Why Does Wood CO₂t less?

Wood CO₂ts less is an industry-wide campaign developed by Wood for Good for the UK timber associations and member companies. Our aim is to promote the use of all wood products as low carbon materials and illustrate how using wood can help reduce CO₂ in the atmosphere and contribute to slowing climate heating.

Trees capture harmful CO₂ from the atmosphere and store it as carbon. When harvested, that wood is used for products, and those products store carbon for that product's entire lifecycle. After being harvested, we plant more trees and the cycle of capturing CO₂ continues.

The construction industry plays a large role in global emissions, which contributes to the effects of climate change. Through using more wood in construction we can help decarbonise construction. When you build with wood, you are building with carbon that is locked away from entering our atmosphere, instead of using traditional materials that require large amounts of CO₂ to be produced. 

To increase the amount of wood we use in construction, we must also nurture our commercial forests and support further tree-planting. Sustainably-managed commercial forests will yield wood for products whilst continuing to plant more trees, capturing more CO₂.

Who is involved?

The campaign involves Wood for Good members and other advocates of the timber industry across the UK and further afield. Those involved in the campaign all share one common goal - to promote wood as a low carbon material. 

See a full list of Wood for Good's current supporters.

Check out and follow the #WoodCO2tsless on social media to follow activities from across the industry. 

Want to get involved?

For further information on how to become a member of Wood for Good, get involved in the Wood CO₂ts less campaign or to discuss the campaign generally, please email hello@woodforgood.com

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