Ellerslie Road

Located just west of Glasgow city centre, Yoker is a showcase for innovative construction methods delivering 42 highly sustainable flats for mid-market rent.

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Located just west of Glasgow city centre at Ellerslie Road, construction specialists CCG (Scotland) Ltd have used innovative construction methods to deliver a brand new housing project consisting of 42 highly sustainable flats for mid-market rent in partnership with Sanctuary Scotland funded by Glasgow City Council. CCG are pioneers in the applied use of ‘Off-Site’ Methods of Construction and have now extended its approach in this instance with the use of the structural material known as Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

CLT is an engineered system which is manufactured in a factory controlled environment by stacking layers of timber (lamellas) at 90° to one another which are then glued and pressed in order to form a 3, 5 or 7 layer panel. This cross lamination effect leads to an increase in the strength and stiffness properties which can rival that of concrete and steel. Further to this, CLT is a two-way spanning system which makes it ideally suited for construction of walls, floors and roof elements as well as other load bearing structural components. Another major advantage of Cross Laminated Timber is its inherent fire resistance.

CCG started on site in October 2016 with the superstructure beginning its installation in March 2017. The installation was conducted alongside specialist CLT contractor, Eurban, which led to the delivery of the entire seven-storey superstructure wind and water tight, which also includes the building's CLT stair core and lift shaft, in a net period of just 16 weeks. The new development is now officially the tallest timber structure in Scotland.

Circa 1170 cubic meters of CLT has been used for the project which equates to 936,000 kg of embodied CO2. With excellent thermal properties, the use of CLT and additional energy saving features such as solar panels, will bring enhanced energy savings to the future occupants.

The building is clad in a mix of rainscreen cladding and the Alumasc Acrylic Brick Slip System, a lightweight solution supplied by Alumasc Facades replicating a traditional brick aesthetic. Fully BBA accredited, the brick slips have been applied individually by CCG’s expert team of applicators and bring efficiencies at site level including speed of application, improved health and safety with reduced reliance for vehicular deliveries and storage and improved thermal insulation properties.

As part of CCG's commitment to skills and training, site-based opportunities have been created as a direct result of the project including a full time site labourer role for Conor Deagan, who lives locally; one trade apprentice who joined CCG a part of the Group’s annual apprentice intake in August 2017, as well as various work placements.   

The project, also known as Yoker, has been completed in December 2017. See construction process here

Budget: £5.5m

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