Terra Alta Birth Center

A popular birth center needed to expand its capacity with a new extension to be built during full operation.

About this project

Terra Alta is a highly popular with regional parents to be. After only 10 years, the in-patient birth center urgently needed to increase its capacity from four to seven family rooms due to high demand. A new extension was planned to deliver a total of seven puerperium rooms, two childbirth rooms, a therapy room and a course room. The increase in patient capacity also required the extension of kitchen and patient lounge.

The design brief emphasised the need to create a warm and intimate environment for parents and newborn. Wood contributes to the cosy, familiar atmosphere at Terra Alta. The dark timber cladding on the outside of the building blends in with the colours and light of the forest surroundings, while the light internal cladding generates a homely feel of shelter and protection.

The project was to be delivered during full operation of the center - babies don't follow construction schedules. To facilitate this condition, a temporary building was set up during the 7-months construction period. 

A timber system was chosen for its speedy construction as well as its 'comfort'.

Key contacts


AG für Geburt Frau Gesundheit


Renggli AG

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