A zero-carbon home that doesn’t require a mortgage or planning consent. The clever design means it’s covered by the Caravan Act. Constructed from straw bale and timber, it is a healthy home too.

About this project

TAM developers White Design and Modcell set out to create a people-centred housing model that radically changes the housing market. Where everyone can have access to affordable and sustainable homes for a better quality of life.

Designed as a new housing model that provides places for people to live, whatever their household income, the TAM is also one of the most environmentally friendly building types in Europe, combining the best of high-quality, low-energy design with innovative use of renewable materials. This video demonstrates the construction.

Community housing

Part of the Bristol ‘We Can Make’ initiative, this tiny house offers a flexible, environmentally-friendly home, tailored to the needs and financial realm of 'Generation Rent', that struggle to get on the housing ladder. The TAM has been designed as a solution that can be bought, part-owned, leased or rented individually or in multiples for larger families and larger sites. Using natural materials, the TAM is a healthy home that can change with its occupants needs. It can be combined with extra units and transported to different sites, if needed. The housing unit is sized to make the most of small sites in ways that other solutions can't match; and it comes at speed: The TAM is said to be ready to move into within months of placing an order.

New finance model

TAM is not only a lower cost home option, it also opens up alternative forms of finance. A TAM qualifies as recoverable capital. Designed from the ground-up as a fully prefabricated platform, a TAM can be delivered as a complete structure on a unique chassis solution. It can even come on wheels. This mobility is what makes TAM recoverable capital. As such, people don’t need to secure a mortgage to purchase a TAM. Instead, Lease Finance options are available, meaning that people can either Lease Hire or Lease Purchase their home.

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Images: Modcell/White Design

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