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Commissioned as a purpose built, modern office suite on the south end of Russwood's sawmill complex, the new, open plan office provides a real-life case study of the many ways in which timber can enhance a building.

About this project

Russwood commissioned HRI Architects and CR Construction to create a purposebuilt, modern office suite on the south end of its sawmill complex beside Newtonmore train station. HRI Architects responded with a linear design to complement the rail track, and a layered, stratified shape that echoes the Glen Feshie hills and Cairngorms beyond. The new, open plan office provides a real-life case study of the many ways in
which timber can enhance a building. 

Use of timber

The James Jones glulam frame with insulated JJI - Joists is carefully detailed to demonstrate various cladding materials and installation techniques.

Timbers were carefully selected and positioned to maximise their durability and appearance, with Scottish and Siberian larchThermally Modified Hardwood and Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar combined in a variety of finishes, creating a modern but warm aesthetic. Russwood also took the opportunity to demonstrate its new range of Austrian timber fixings. The end result is the perfect showcase of both the practicality and the beauty of timber as a truly sustainable building material.


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