Benslow Lane

Detached house constructed from cross-laminated timber and insulated with wood fibre insulation.

About this project

A cross-laminated timber structure for a new-build residential in Hertfordshire which was externally insulated with 160mm to 180mm of wood fibre insulation. The building fabric is secured with a range of airtight tapes and high performance membranes.

Trunk CLT, headed by Mike Jacob, a Chartered Construction Manager and Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson and Jim Johnstone, a solid timber construction industry specialist, provided a full design, engineering, and supply and erection service.

With extensive forward planning at each junction the designers have been able to minimise heat losses from both an airtightness and thermal bridging point of view. Designing to this level of detail can be time consuming but is critical towards achieving long term thermal efficiency and a comfortable internal environment. The contractors manage to keep the project build time on track in other areas of the project such as the erection of principle structure, which was assembled in just two days.

Use of timber

Benslow Lane is built using cross-laminated timber so that it could be transported efficiently and assembled very quickly on site. It achieves high levels of insulation by using wood fibre, a natural bed-fellow to CLT. The combination of wood structure and wood thermal layer delivers a homogenous construction with simple detailing, high sustainability credentials, and high comfort. “We feel it has a integrity and reflects the quality of our product in a way that no other accompanying insulation could.” says Mike Jacob, who has recently launched Kiss House with award winning architect Adrian James.

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