1970's Retrofit

A 1970s house in Hertfortshire was renovated by the owner, architect Scott Batty, in order to make it fit more with the family’s needs and make it more energy-efficient.

About this project

The architect was set to work with the spacious 1970s house that the family had lived in for years. The task at hand was to make the building more suitable for the living requirements of the inhabiting family, as well as make it more energy-efficient in terms of heating and insulation. The result was a ‘tea cosy’ design of new insulation, cladding, heating, and glazing.

The original design is still visible in the shape of the building and the external brickwork on the ground level, whilst the new timber jacket gives the home an upgraded exterior aesthetic. Besides the improved looks, the heating bills were drastically cut, and the owners managed to save the carbon cost of demolishing and rebuilding from scratch.

Use of Timber

In order to create the exterior look of the overcoat, Russwood’s SILA Select® Siberian Larch board-on-board cladding was used, fixed with Grade 304 Ring Shank Nails. The vertically fixed wooden cladding was complemented with Vertical Grain Siberian Larch Cladding decking area, fixed with GleitFix®.

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