Behind the Facts: Fact 4

The Wood CO2ts less campaign encourages using more wood as a way to reduce CO2 emissions and fight climate change.

The campaign is based on several core facts: each backed by evidence and research set out below. Read more about the evidence behind the facts, and use the buttons below to navigate through the facts or return to the Wood CO2ts less home page. 





Fact 4


Using wood instead of other materials saves CO2 emissions, both through the carbon captured and stored in the wood product and the avoidance of alternative CO2-intensive materials

“Meta-analyses of the average impact of using wood instead of concrete suggest an average reduction of 2.1 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per 1 ton of wood products used."
European Commission. A sustainable Bioeconomy for Europe: strengthening the connection between economy, society and the environment (p45), 2018  




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