About Wood for Good

We want to make wood a first-choice material in design and construction. Because Wood is Good.

We share and promote industry knowledge around the aesthetic, biophilic and environmental benefits of wood products. 

Wood for Good is the UK timber industry’s wood promotion campaign and our work is supported by a variety of organisations across the supply chain, whom we work with to ensure our campaign activities represent the entire sector from seed to sawn timber.

Case Studies

Find inspiration in timber use from joinery to structural timber in our library of over 200 case studies, showcasing the best in timber design and construction.



Putting the science of biophilic design to the test: why does wood equal wellness?

We’ve recently been writing about the benefits that wood in our built environment can...
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New Animation: Carbon capture in timber

Our new animations look at how sustainably managed forests can be used to produce timber...
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15 hours, 17 minutes ago

Timber products hold the carbon that their original tree captured. Everything you come across in daily life that is… https://t.co/k8A8g2TedD

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