About Wood for Good

Wood for Good is the timber industry’s campaign to promote the use of wood in design and construction. Wood is nature’s most versatile building material and modern engineering methods expand possibilities for its application beyond traditional uses. Our objective is to make wood a first choice material for specifiers and designers by demonstrating what you can do with wood.

Case Studies

From bespoke homes to social housing, from commercial property to sports arena, wood is increasingly becoming the material of choice in architecture and design. Discover a broad range of applications from joinery to structural timber in Housing, Education, Health, Public Buildings, Sports below. 



A Carbon Solution for All

As an industry, we know that to reduce carbon emissions, we need to use more timber in...
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Earth Overshoot Day 2020

Earth Overshoot Day is the date when humanity’s demand for natural resources in a year...
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12 hours, 51 minutes ago

Positive steps towards #netzero announced in the #SpendingReview today. We're pleased to see that funding towards… https://t.co/HvjM6KU51p

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